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Each and every one of us enlisted ourselves in this field because we felt that part of our purpose here was to enrich and/or positively impact the lives of others. There is no doubt in our minds that you are all effectively doing that with your clients just as wonderfully as you are with your fellow team members; and we thank you. 

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our team wears blue for autism awareness

We're ecstatic to announce three people who have continuously shown initiative, dedication, and a never-ending passion to grow themselves, and ABC's as a whole; a real teamwork attitude in everything they do. Please join us in congratulating the following outstanding staff members:

Haley Dacks is a mental health clinician who started working with us as part of her internship experience. We knew straight away that we wanted Haley as part of our team. She genuinely takes pride in what she does, always goes above and beyond, has a wonderful sense of work ethic, and always has a positive disposition. We are excited to watch her grow, and hope that we can do that, together.  

ABC's employees of the month - april 2018

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